Traditional Beams

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These prices are for 6×4″ beams

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These custom made floating Oak Mantel/ lintels are hand made to order and made to your chosen specification.

The beams can be made in a wide range of sizes and colours all of which are designed and made in our Manchester Workshop. Each piece has been machined flat, square and straight, then hand crafted to the style of your choice.

We use air dried european oak and finish everything to a 240 grit smooth finish.

The oak beams can be finished in any colour of your choice and can be matched to any existing furniture. They are then treated to 3 coats of danish oil for a satin finish and a further coat of wax for a polished finish.

The beam style you have selected is Traditional

Please view all of our beams to see which style most suits your requirements. Our various beam styles and what they mean can be found below.

Rustic – Heavily sculpted edges and front, multiple checks (cracks) and knots.
Traditional – Lightly sculpted edges and front, some checks (cracks) and knots
Contemporary – Straight edges and front, few if any checks (cracks) and knots